About the bc LUMBER trade council


The BC Lumber Trade Council (BCLTC) is the voice on trade matters for BC companies that represent the majority
of the province’s lumber production.

British Columbia is the largest softwood lumber producing province in Canada, representing about half of Canada’s softwood lumber production and half of Canada’s total softwood lumber exports to the U.S.


Our Position:

  • The BCLTC fully supports the Government of Canada’s efforts to reach another managed trade agreement with the U.S. to ensure market access and stability within the industry. BCLTC appreciates that both federal and provincial governments have made this a top priority.
  • We continue to believe that a new agreement, if properly designed, can provide certainty and stability for lumber producers in Canada and the U.S. An agreement would also support efforts by lumber producers on both sides of the border to grow markets for wood products domestically and offshore.
  • However, in the absence of an agreement, we will continue to work alongside the Canadian government to vigorously defend the industry against these trade actions brought by the U.S. lumber lobby, as we have done successfully in the past.


Association members:

Council of Forest Industries
Coast Forest Products Association



Alberta Softwood Lumber Trade Council